Vogue Vegan 3000 Pocket Mattress

Certified by The Vegan Society, this premium medium-firm mattress combines natural and recycled components with pocket tablet springs for a breathable, rejuvenating sleep.

Vogue Vegan 3000 Bedstead Undressed Vegan Society

Vogue Vegan 3000 Pocket Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Vogue Vegan 3000 Pocket Mattress Great?

Certified vegan by The Vegan Society
No animal derived components or products tested on animals
Removes the use of farming from the manufacturing process
A tree is planted by More:Trees for every mattress sold
Offsets the carbon footprint of every product
1000 pocket springs provide individualised support
Additional 2000 pocket tablet springs for flexibility promoting circulation
Breathable plant-based fabric cover for maximum air flow
Recycled plastic bottles make up the hypoallergenic comfort filling
Simulated stitched tufts for a smooth sleep surface without knots
Integrated comfort layer gives a pillow-top-like comfort
Single sided – no need to flip
Medium feel for the best of both worlds
Depth: 26cm
5 Year Guarantee
Made in the UK

One of the first mattresses in the UK to be certified by The Vegan Society, the Vogue Vegan 3000 Pocket Mattress brings together the best in eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing.

Certified Vegan

Vogue vegan mattresses are produced using no animal derived products, or products which have been tested on animals. Removing the use of farming in the manufacturing process helps dramatically cut down the carbon footprint of this mattress, helping reduce pollution.

No contaminants

With a dedicated assembly line, Vogue manufactures their vegan mattresses first thing in the morning to prevent cross contamination. No wool or other animal fillings come into contact with your Vogue vegan mattress.

Seamless support

1000 traditional pocket springs provide a comfortable, supportive sleeping foundation. The introduction of 2000 pocket tablet springs offers a more flexible support layer, encouraging blood circulation during sleep to promote a refreshing start to the day. With no need for glue between the tablet springs, the continuous spring system provides a seamless support surface for your whole body.

Plush comfort layer

The simulated tuft technology emulates the deeply cushioned comfort layer of a pillow topped mattress.The discreetly stitched dimples mimic the feel of the traditional deep tufts, without any annoying knots, for a smooth uninterrupted surface.

Plant based

The mattress is expertly finished in a wholly plant-based fabric cover. The organic nature of the fibres allows the filling to breathe to regulate body temperature while you sleep.

Less landfill

Vogue products are lovingly hand made in the heart of England using an array of recycled materials. Recycled plastic bottles make the perfect hypoallergenic filling which is both plush and eco-friendly. Every part of this mattress can be fully recycled at the end of its life reducing landfill.

Buy a mattress. Plant a tree

For every Vogue Vegan 3000 Pocket Mattress sold, a new tree will be planted by Vogue’s environmental partners, More:Trees. With delivery of your new vegan mattress you will receive a unique certificate as evidence that your purchase has helped offset the carbon of the delivery and supply chain.


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