Viscoflex Memory Mattress

One of our best selling memory foam mattresses, complete with a supportive spring system that provides you with a great night’s sleep – at a price you’ll love.

Viscoflex Full Corner Mattress

Viscoflex Memory Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Viscoflex Memory Mattress Great?

Supportive open coil spring system
Immersive layer of memory foam as developed by NASA
Pressure-relieving technology
Hand-tufted for enhanced support and durability
Balanced medium firmness
Mattress depth: 23cm
Single-sided for your convenience
Made in the UK
1 Year Guarantee

Enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep with the Viscoflex Memory Mattress, at a price you won’t be able to resist!

The best night’s sleep

This mattress is constructed from an open coil, bonnell spring system for all-round support throughout the night. Springs provide superb support because they contour to your body shape and help relieve aches and pains. All whilst being incredibly low in price!

It is paired with a 1cm layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, a relaxing slumber could be yours. The plush memory foam lets you sink into sleep, keeping you cosy at night! It relieves pressure by evenly distributing your weight around the mattress bringing you the best comfort.

Durable, supportive and cosy!

The Viscoflex Memory provides balanced, medium support – perfect if you love great comfort and support. The perfect choice for couples – not too hard or too soft!

This mattress has a beautiful knitted cover with tufts that gently dimple the sleeping surface, locking the filling layers in place and extending the mattress’ durability.

Simple care

Single-sided for your convenience, no need to flip your mattress, it simply needs to be rotated every three months for optimum performance. Simple!


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