Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow From £85

The contours of TEMPUR® Original Queen Pillow has been designed to support your head, neck and shoulders, align your spine and give you a perfect night’s sleep. Encased in a soft jersey fabric, this pillow was formed for a more therapeutic sleep posture. Ideal choice for those suffering from back or neck pain and prefer a greater support.

Includes 1 x pillow.


Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow From £85

Brand: Dreams



  • Contoured to support the natural curvature created by your head, neck and shoulders
  • Helps align your spine when sleeping on your back or side
  • May offer some relief for breathing problems and snoring
  • Moulded from TEMPUR® material for superb pressure relieving comfort
  • The soft fabric cover is removable for washing at 60°C and is quick drying
  • Filled with 100% visco elastic cover
  • Firm comfort grade
  • 3-year guarantee