Snuggle Beds Memory Ortho Luxe Open Coil Mattress Sale

An entry level memory foam mattress at an affordable price, the Memory Luxe from Snuggle Beds is perfect if you want a mattress that doesn’t compromise on comfort or support. Completely exclusive to Mattressman, Snuggle Beds are the ideal brand if you’re on a budget looking for an economy mattress, that still has many of the qualities that its competitors possess.

Snuggle Beds Memory Ortho Luxe Open Coil Mattress

Snuggle Beds Memory Ortho Luxe Open Coil Mattress from £154.7

Medium, Open Coil, Memory Foam, Free Next Day Delivery

Brand: Mattressman

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Medium is the level of support to the body, suitable for all average weighted people.

Open coiled and memory foam
Using a 13.5 gauge open coil spring system below a luxurious 25mm of memory foam, the Memory Luxe mattress promises comfort and relaxation every night, helping your body feel at ease – especially because of the price! There’s also a steel rod edge that surrounds the sides of the British made mattress, which is used to minimise sagging along the sides and resulting in unwanted roll off.

Medium tension – is it right for me?
If you like to thrash around in the night, you may find that a medium mattress is best at supporting a multitude of different sleeping positions. Softer mattresses help side sleepers keep their spines aligned, and the same goes for firmer mattresses and back sleepers. Therefore, a medium mattress can give you both comfort and support in whatever position you’re in.

What makes a good medium mattress?
A poor quality mattress will lose it’s integrity after a while, either getting firmer or softer as a result. Despite medium mattresses not having the most rigid of tensions, a good quality medium mattress will maintain it’s tension even after prolonged use. Snuggle Beds may be a budget option, but the longevity of the mattress still outweighs the money that can be spent on it.


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