Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 3000 Mattress

Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 3000 Mattress.

Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 3000 Mattress

Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 3000 Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


  • Pocket sprung mattress with a responsive, pressure relieving memory foam layer
  • Firmness Rating: Firm
  • Full 8-year guarantee
  • BSI – British Standard Kitemark™ accredited
  • 1050 premium pocket springs to provide each sleeper with individual support
  • All Premium pocket springs are made in the UK and contain recycled steel
  • Reinforced dynamic perimeter support
  • An smooth and consistent sleep surface all the way to the edge
  • A deep 40mm layer of our new exclusive Sensaform memory foam
  • Superior breathability through three special zones of airholes
  • Outstanding pressure relief and minimised motion transfer
  • A luxury quilted mattress surface containing recycled plastic fillings
  • ProBio – A 100% natural treatment which provides protection against allergens and odours1
  • Temperature+ treatment to regulate moisture throughout the evening – keeping you at your optimum temperature
  • Easy care non-turn mattress, rotate montly
  • Handles on all sides to aid rotation
  • Mattress height: 29cm
  • Part of the Airstream Memory Collection – Exclusive to Bensons for Beds
  • Made in Britain

The phenomenal Airstream Memory 3000 boasts 1050 premium pocket springs for your complete support throughout the night. Feel secure throughout the evening whilst these premium pocket springs provide each sleeper with unique and individual support for a completely personalised sleep experience.

Whilst the Airstream Memory 3000 is rated as firm, you’ll still indulge in a deep luxury layer of our new exclusive Sensaform memory foam. The memory foam moulds beautifully to your bodily contours, providing support where you need it most. Through its outstanding design this luxury layer of memory foam provides reactive pressure relief. How is this done? Well, three special zones of air holes have been developed, allowing the mattress to provide a gentle response throughout the evening.

Not only that but you’ll be cradled by two outer rows of springs. Carefully developed to provide dynamic perimeter support, these outer rows will ensure that an outstanding sleep surface is provided. Two rows of premium pocket springs have been enhanced, these springs create an even sleeping surface so that you can make the most of the entire mattress from edge to edge.

Your sleep will be enriched by our special temperature+ treatment. Applied lovingly to the fabric this formula helps your body to be kept at optimum temperature throughout the night. You’ll never be too hot or too cold, we’ll make sure you’re always just right. By absorbing heat & moisture from your body this unique element will make sure you will feel comfortable and fresh throughout the night, giving you night’s sleep which you deserve.

The Airstream Memory 3000 is perfectly finished with a sleek quilted mattress surface, created through a layer of innovative recycled plastic Truecomfort fillings to deliver a welcoming and comfortable sleep surface, ready to embrace you after a long day. Plus, your mattress will be delivered to you in renewable polythene packaging &ndash.

This mattress is really easy to care for. There’s no need to flip the mattress, simply rotate monthly with the conveniently placed handles to keep it in immaculate condition.

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