SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress

Experience a soothing slumber with this sumptuous memory foam pillow top mattress. It’s snuggly, extra-deep and includes 800 pocket springs for the perfect balance of comfort and support.
Sleepsoul Cloud 800 Pocket Mattress Corner

SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress Great?

A cosy memory foam pillow top mattress from SleepSoul
2cm layer of cushioning memory foam
Memory foam responds to your movements for snug comfort
An extra layer of comfort for a truly relaxing sleep
Enhanced support from 800 individual pocket springs
Restorative, pressure-relieving support – no more aches and pains
1.5cm layer of adaptive reflex foam
Reflex foam moulds to your shape for personalised support
Rated medium for balanced comfort and support
Luxurious quilted cover
Single-sided for easy care
Rolled up for super-easy delivery
Depth: 31cm
10 Year Warranty

Experience blissful memory foam and pillow top comfort with the SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress.

Cloud-like comfort

Sink into a cloud of comfort every night – this mattress features two different layers of foam, a cushioning memory foam layer paired with an extra layer of reflex foam.

The memory foam layer responds to your body temperature, and moulds gently to your contours. This layer cushions your body and minimises the transfer of movement. This means you’ll get the restful sleep you need, even if your partner tosses and turns.

Nestled underneath, a layer of reflex foam evenly distributes weight across the mattress. The result is a sumptuously cosy sleep with a great level of support.

Tailored support

Enjoy tailored support where your body needs it most. The SleepSoul Cloud is crafted from 800 pocket springs that move independently, giving you optimum support for your back, hips and joints.

Pocket springs are great at relieving pressure point build-up, helping to soothe away aches and pains.

Fresh sleep

Drift off into a sneeze-free slumber and enjoy a clean and fresh feel, every night. The SleepSoul Cloud is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, so it’s a good choice if you suffer from allergies.

Easy to care for

Caring for your new mattress is easy, thanks to its single-sided design. This means you’ll never need to flip it over. To keep your new mattress in top condition, simply rotate from top to bottom every three months.

Delivery made simple

Your new mattress will arrive rolled up, so it’s easier to move your mattress up the stairs and around corners.

Simply place your new SleepSoul Cloud on your bed. Carefully unwrap it and allow it to expand to its full size. It will be ready for you to sleep on in just two hours.

10 Year Warranty

SleepSoul provides a 10 Year Warranty as they’re confident you’ll enjoy this product. To benefit from this warranty, please register within 30 days of the purchase date on the SleepSoul website and refer to the information in your product packaging.

Disclaimer: To keep your mattress in perfect condition, you should unroll your mattress within 3 months of it being delivered. This ensures that your new mattress will unroll smoothly and it will keep it clean and fresh.


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