Silentnight Seoul Miracoil Memory Mattress

Featuring Silentnight’s Miracoil spring system for excellent support and a sumptuous memory foam layer for the ultimate in comfort and pressure point relief.

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Silentnight Seoul Miracoil Memory Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Silentnight Seoul Miracoil Memory Mattress Great?

Topped with 2cm of body-loving memory foam
Miracoil springs offer enhanced support
Zoned mattress varies support where you need it most
Firmer level of support
Sleep edge-to-edge – evenly stable from one edge to the other
Knitted fabric cover with a micro-quilted surface
Effortless care – rotate-only mattress, no need to flip over
Mattress depth: 24cm (9.4″) approx
5 Year Guarantee
Made in the UK

The Seoul Memory Miracoil Mattress is a wonderfully comfortable memory foam mattress, from renowned Silentnight. As Silentnight’s entry-level memory foam mattress, you can enjoy great value, firmer support and incredible comfort.

First off, let’s focus on the Miracoil springs. As Silentnight’s Hippo and Duck demonstrate, they’re built to support anyone, regardless of shape and size. With super-stable mattress edges, there’s no roll-off, and the head-to-foot spring alignment prevents roll-together.

There are even three support zones: gentle support for your lighter body areas and enhanced support for your hips and lower back where the majority of body weight is concentrated.

Underneath the soft-touch knitted micro-quilted cover, there’s 2cm of plush memory foam. This helps soothe away pressure points and hugs your body’s shape perfectly.

Caring for your mattress is nearly effortless – there’s no need to turn it over. Simply rotate it and it’ll stay in great shape!

Please note: the cover of your new mattress may be different to the one shown. Don’t worry – you’ll still get the same great mattress!


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