Silentnight Rio Miracoil Cushion Top Mattress

Miracoil spring system for excellent support, combined with a sensationally soft quilted and knitted cover. Hypoallergenic with Eco Comfort Fibres™ to help you sleep soundly.

Silentnight Rio Mattress Full 2018

Silentnight Rio Miracoil Cushion Top Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Silentnight Rio Miracoil Cushion Top Mattress Great?

Support provided by world-famous Miracoil springs
Stable support runs from one edge to the other – no roll-off, no roll-together
Eco Comfort Fibre™ is breathable and scientifically proven to keep you cooler
Love the earth – Eco Comfort Fibres™ are recycled and 100% sustainable!
Low-maintenance mattress: simply needs to be rotated but never flipped over
Supportive, firm feel
Soft-touch knitted cover with micro-quilted surface
Tri-zoned support: extra hip and lower back support, gentler support for your shoulders
Chemical-free and hypoallergenic for a healthier sleep
Depth: 24cm (9.5 inches) approx
Made in the UK
5 Year Guarantee

The Rio Miracoil Cushion Top Mattress is a member of Silentnight’s brand new Select Collection, designed to offer the world-class support you’d expect from Silentnight.

Miracoil springs are designed to provide the comfiest sleep possible. Divided into three separate zones of support, Miracoil ensures that your lighter areas get gentler support whilst still giving your hips and lower back the firmer support they need.

The firm mattress edge means you can sleep safely right up to the edge without having to fear roll-off. Thanks to the top-to-toe spring alignment, there’s no roll-together either.

Topping the springs there’s a great new innovation: Eco Comfort Fibres™. This clever comfort technology has been proven in scientific testing to keep you cooler while you rest. The “Eco” in “Eco Comfort” is because they’re 100% sustainable as they’re produced from recycled materials. So you can give back a little bit to the earth, even while you sleep.

The Rio Mattress is finished with a beautifully soft quilted and knitted fabric. It’s chemical-free and hypoallergenic too – for your peace of mind and a healthier sleep.

A low-maintenance mattress, the Rio is non-turn. All you need to do is rotate regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.


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