Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress

Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress. Layers of premium memory foam and specialised pocket spring technology combine to make the The Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress the mattress of your dreams.

Silentnight Just Dream Mattress Full Angle

Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress Sale (from Mattress Online)

Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress

  • A core of 1000 Mirapocket® springs
  • Topped with a cooling layer of of high-density ReVo® foam
  • Providing soothing pressure relief all night long
  • Foam and springs work together to provide blissful spinal alignment
  • Smartly reduces body heat and improves airflow
  • Features specialised Vitalize sleep surface technology
  • Helps to absorb body heat and reflects the lost energy
  • Foam encapsulated border creates strong edge support
  • Gives maximised sleeping space
  • Sumptuous soft-medium comfort
  • Hypoallergenic, knitted cover
  • Single-sided, rotate top to toe to care for this mattress
  • Rolled for convenience
  • Depth: 27cm
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK

Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress Description

Get the sleep you’ve always dreamt of with the Silentnight Just Dream Memory Hybrid Mattress. Crafted with a blend of cosy memory foam and smart pocket springs.

The Silentnight touch

Integrated into the core of this mattress is 1000 unique Mirapocket® springs. Designed to respond to your body’s individual shape by contouring around your body. The springs react independently, offering fully personalised support.

Silentnight’s zoned spring system adds extra support to the centre third of the mattress. Enhancing support to your hips and lower back. This results in an undisturbed, cosy night’s sleep.

Body-hugging comfort

The spring unit is topped off with a cosy layer of memory foam, offering total body comfort. The plush foam cradles your body and provides soothing pressure relief where you need it most. Memory foam is great if you are wanting undisturbed sleep. Reducing the transfer of movement, the foam prevents tossing and turning at night.

The Dream has an extra layer of innovative ReVo™ high-density foam. The open-cell structure reduces body temperature and improves air circulation inside the mattress. Allowing for a cooler night’s sleep.

Improved sleep

A new innovation from Silentnight, the Vitalize sleep surface is designed to absorb excess body heat for an undisturbed sleep. This technology has been tested to stimulate your metabolism and help improve blood circulation.

Maximised space

This mattress has a foam-encapsulated border. This increases the sleeping surface so you can sleep right to the very edge. This foam border enhances the durability and stability of this mattress to minimise the ‘roll-off’ feeling.

Eco-friendly delivery

The Silentnight Just Dream is delivered rolled and boxed for easy, hassle-free delivery. Ideal for hard-to-reach bedrooms, these boxed mattresses are easy to lift and move around.

It’s also a great eco-friendly option. Because of its small nature, rolled mattresses take up less space in the delivery van. Meaning fewer vans are needed for the amount of mattresses, reducing carbon emissions.

Buy with confidence

This mattress comes with a 10 Year Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence knowing you are covered. We are sure you will love your Silentnight Just Sleep mattress, but if you have any problems, simply get in touch.


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