Silentnight Healthy Growth Traditional Sprung Mattress

A comfy and supportive sprung mattress made with hypoallergenic Eco Comfort™ fillings. A perfect choice for children and teens. For a limited time only, we’re giving away free Zed Ted childrens book with this mattress!

Silentnight Healthy Growth Traditional Sprung Corner

Silentnight Healthy Growth Traditional Sprung Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Silentnight Healthy Growth Traditional Sprung Mattress Great?

Get a FREE Zed Ted book
Made with Silentnight’s exclusive Eco Comfort Fibres™
Soft, polyester fibres are derived from recycled plastic
Choosing this mattress helps to keep plastics out of landfills and our oceans
Open coil springs expertly support your child’s growing body
Springs are zoned to provide additional support to key pressure points
Hypoallergenic – perfect for allergy sufferers
Medium-firm feel to align the spine and relieve pressure
Attractive quilted cover – looks as good as it feels!
Taped edges protect the seams for longer use
Single-sided – no need to flip the mattress over
Foam-free with no unnecessary chemical treatments
Mattress depth: 21cm
Made in the UK
5 Year Guarantee

Struggling to find the perfect mattress for your child? Well, search no more! The Silentnight Healthy Growth Traditional Sprung Mattress has all the comfort and support that growing bodies need.

Springy, zoned interior

With a sturdy, sprung interior, your child will benefit from bodywide support and a medium to firm sleeping surface to minimise aches and growing pains. The springs are intelligently zoned to provide firmer support to pressure points such as the back, joints and hips.

A fresh night’s sleep

The layer of springs cushions the body for a dreamy night’s sleep. It is filled with plush fibres that are hypoallergenic and breathable, allowing air to circulate for a fresh, cool sleep environment.

Good for you and the planet

Eco Comfort Fibres™ consist of soft polyester spun from recycled plastic. This helps to keep more plastic bottles out of landfills and forms a wonderful, cooling comfort layer. It is entirely foam-free and contains no unnecessary chemical treatments. This mattress is not only a great choice for your child, but for the environment too!

Easy care, no flips here!

As the mattress is single-sided, there is no need to flip it over. Simply rotate from top to bottom once a fortnight during the first six months to ensure equal wear across the surface. After six months, you can turn it on a monthly basis instead.

Luxurious finishes

With an attractive quilted cover securing the fillings and taped edges to protect the mattress seams, you can be sure that this product will deliver years of high-performance use. It is also covered by a generous 5 Year Guarantee, so you can rest assured you’re getting value for money and the most mileage out of your new mattress.

Please note: the border of your new mattress may be white instead of grey, but the border edge will still be grey. Don’t worry – you’ll still get the same great mattress!

Free Zed Ted Book

Give the kids something to get excited about when they get a new mattress and teach them about the advantages of a decent night’s sleep.

Zed Ted is written by Zarach founder Bex Wilson. Zarach is a Leeds based charity dedicated to giving Every Head a Bed, aiming to end bed poverty.

Every time you purchase a children’s mattress offering a FREE Zed Ted book, we make a donation to Zarach.


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