Silentnight Healthy Growth Shorty Mattress

A great quality short children’s mattress featuring hypoallergenic Eco Comfort Fibres™ and a removable cover for easy washing. For a limited time only, we’re giving away free Zed Ted childrens book with this mattress!

Silentnight Healthy Growth Shorty Mattress Corner

Silentnight Healthy Growth Shorty Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Silentnight Healthy Growth Shorty Mattress Great?

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Features environmentally-friendly Eco Comfort Fibres™
These fibres are made from polyester spun from recycled plastic
This reduces the impact of discarded plastics in our oceans and landfills
Hypoallergenic – no more sneezing!
Shorter length of 175cm to fit many children’s beds
Soft-touch knitted cover
Cover can be removed and machine washed up to 40°C for your convenience
Single-sided – no need to flip
Foam-free with no unnecessary chemical treatments
Mattress depth: 10cm
Made in the UK
5 Year Guarantee

Perfect for children’s beds and for those who have limited space, why not try the Silentnight Healthy Growth Shorty Mattress?

Carefully designed to support small, growing bodies, the Shorty mattress is a great size for younger children who perhaps aren’t ready for a full-size bed just yet. With a length of 175cm, this mattress is shorter than a standard single mattress. It’s an excellent fit for shorter children’s or novelty beds.

The Shorty can be an excellent way to transition your little one from their cot bed, without having them feel lost in a bed that’s too big. The Shorty mattress promotes independence along with good, restful sleep.

The core of the mattress is made from innovative Eco Comfort Fibres™, which are cooling, comfortable and hypoallergenic. The comfort layer will support your child’s growing body for a dreamy night’s sleep and a refreshed, well-rested morning.

The polyester fibres are spun from recycled plastic. This mattress isn’t just great to sleep on, but each one you buy actually saves bottles from ending up in landfills or our oceans. This means a brighter future for your child and the planet too!

Another fantastic feature is the supersoft knitted cover, which can be removed and machine-washed up to 40°C when those inevitable night-time accidents occur. The Shorty is easy to care for and single-sided, so there is no need to flip it.

We recommend that you rotate it from top-to-bottom fortnightly for the first 6 months, then monthly thereafter. This will ensure there is even wear across the surface of the mattress for longer use.

This mattress is foam-free, free from unnecessary chemical treatments and covered by a 5 Year Guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Free Zed Ted Book

Give the kids something to get excited about when they get a new mattress and teach them about the advantages of a decent night’s sleep.

Zed Ted is written by Zarach founder Bex Wilson. Zarach is a Leeds based charity dedicated to giving Every Head a Bed, aiming to end bed poverty.

Every time you purchase a children’s mattress offering a FREE Zed Ted book, we make a donation to Zarach.


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