Sealy Millionaire Luxury Open Coil Mattress Sale

The spring system and comfortable layers of the Millionaire Luxury are impressive, but Sealy have also included other qualities that go above just a supportive mattresses. They’ve used luxury polyester fibre fillings meaning allergy sufferers don’t have to worry about the materials and fabrics used in this mattress.

Alongside this, they have incorporated handles around the mattress which is useful when it comes to caring for it. The Millionaire Luxury is a one-sided, so it’s important to rotate it on a regular basis to ensure it doesn’t begin to sag in pressured areas. This mattress is also made in the UK and has a 5 year guarantee.

Sealy Millionaire Luxury Open Coil Mattress

Sealy Millionaire Luxury Open Coil Mattress from £313.65

Softer, Open Coil, White Filling, Free Next Day Delivery

Brand: Mattressman

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Softer is the level of support to the body, suitable for light to average weighted people.

Posturepedic backcare
The Millionaire Luxury contains Sealy’s innovative PostureTech 620 spring system, which are springs that have been tempered twice. This provides more durability and stabilises areas where the most weight will be applied on the mattress. It encourages both correct spine alignment and healthy posture. The Millionaire Luxury is considered softer on the firmness rating.

Pillow top layer
Alongside this soft but supportive spring system, the Millionaire luxury offers a pillow top layer. Having this over the PostureTech 620 means the mattress feels like it has a pillow layer, offering incredible softness and comfort.

Who is a softer mattress suitable for?
If you have a lighter stature, then a softer mattress is more suitable for you. That’s not to say that lighter people shouldn’t get firmer mattresses, but that people who are in a heavier weight group are not advised to get a softer mattress. This can cause pains in the neck and back as a softer mattress won’t promote healthy spinal alignment or support you properly.


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