Sealy Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress

Sealy Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress. Give your back the break it deserves with the Sealy Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress! The firmest mattress in Sealy’s Ortho Plus collection, you can fall asleep in relief.

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Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Sealy Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress

  • PostureTech Core Support spring system
  • Uniquely engineered to provide dependable deep support
  • EdgeGuard technology
  • Provides exceptional edge to edge support and increases durability
  • Increased sleeping space for an undisturbed slumber!
  • Clever PowerPack comfort elements offer extra lumbar support
  • Firm orthopaedic firmness, perfect for ultimate back support
  • Tufted mattress surface for an enhanced firmer feel
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life
  • Double-sided for long-lasting performance
  • Depth: 28cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Sealy Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress Description

Wake up relieved with the Mellbreak Ortho Plus Mattress by Sealy. With their exclusive technology designed to give you a night of sleep like no other!

Support in mind

Designed with orthopaedic support in mind, Sealy has pulled out all the stops with their spring system. The PostureTech Core Support springs offer consistent support where it’s needed the most. As you lay on the mattress, the pressure increases on the spring system. This allows the mattress to get gradually firmer, targeting deep pressure points.

A strong edge

Along the border of the springs is Sealy’s new Edge Guard encapsulated design. It sits along the border of the spring system for increased stability and durability. This provides edge to edge support for a maximised sleeping surface. You can get an undisturbed sleep next to your tossing and turner partner!

That firm feeling

With a soothing orthopaedic core, you can wake up feeling refreshed with no aches and pains. The reactive technology of the PostureTech Core Support spring system offers a blissful firm feel.

If you want something a little softer, check out the Eaglesfield Ortho Plus Mattress by Sealy for a medium to firm feel.

The centre zone of this mattress has a PowerPack filling. It’s designed to have more supportive elements in the centre of the mattress to provide extra lumbar support.

Long-lasting, simple care

This mattress is double-sided so you’ll have to flip it over every few months. It comes with four vertical handles for simple, easy use. Tufted on each side so you can get as much support every time you flip it over!

No worries!

There is no need to worry about this mattress when you have finished with it. At the end of its life, this mattress is 100% recyclable!

The Mellbreak also comes with a 5 Year Guarantee. So, you can catch a peaceful snooze, knowing that you are covered.

Please Note: The cover pattern may vary from what is pictured. However, you’ll still get the same amazing fabric and matttress!


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