Sealy Activsleep Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 Mattress

Wake feeling ready to have a great day! This luxurious pillow top mattress features cool and fresh Geltex and a gentle feel. An impressive 2200 pocket springs support you perfectly and it’s approved by Allergy UK for your peace of mind.

Sealy Activsleep Pocket 2200 Geltex Pillowtop Mattress Corner

Sealy Activsleep Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Sealy Activsleep Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 Mattress Great?

Part of Sealy’s Activsleep collection for healthy lifestyles
Cool and breathable Geltex provides incredible comfort and pressure relief
Geltex soothes aches and pains, helping you to wake feeling refreshed
Featuring a luxurious pillow top for enhanced comfort
Gentle support in a medium firmness rating – perfect if you love a more cushioned feel
2200 individual pocket springs ensure your body is correctly supported
Pocket springs contour to your unique shape for support where you need it most
Adaptive® cover technology helps wick away moisture for a cooler, fresher sleep
Extra support along the mattress border and more sleep space – Sealy’s sturdy Unirail prevents roll-off
Smooth knitted fabric cover is soft to the touch and micro-quilted to secure all the fillings
The cover is infused with Purotex which actively works to keep your mattress clean
Purotex probiotics help guard against dust mites and bacteria
Hypoallergenic and approved by Allergy UK
Stay fresh, cool and dry thanks to Adaptive® technology
No need to turn over – single-sided for easy care and convenience
Turning handles help make light work of moving your mattress when you need to
Depth: 32cm
Made in the UK
5 Year Guarantee

Sleeping well is the key to living well – the Sealy Activsleep Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 Mattress helps you to achieve both!

Part of Sealy’s Activsleep range, this beautifully crafted mattress is packed full of wonderfully luxurious fillings to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Enjoy all the comfort of Geltex – a supremely breathable, soothing comfort layer. This sumptuous 4cm layer is designed to provide triple benefits of total body support, breathability and pressure relief. It’s perfect if you need a little extra comfort at the end of a long, tiring day.

Featuring a super-comfy pillow top, you’ll enjoy blissful sleep like never before. Combined with a well-balanced medium feel, this luxury mattress is cosy and gently supportive. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

A generous 2200 pocket spring are nestled underneath the luxury Geltex pillow top comfort. Made up of 1400 traditional pocket springs and 800 mini pocket springs, you’ll get completely tailor-made support. Each pocket spring works independently from the other, for personalised comfort for your unique shape and movements.

We believe that plenty of space is key to a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. The Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 includes Sealy’s Unirail. This clever technology is designed to keep the edges of your mattress stable and sturdy so you can sleep right to the very edge.

This is a mattress that truly looks as good as it feels. Wrapped in a plush and pampering knitted cover, it’s micro quilted to secure all the luxury fillings for long-lasting comfort.

Enjoy a sneeze-free sleep! Whether you suffer from allergies or you’re simply looking for a healthier sleep, this hypoallergenic mattress caters for all needs. The cover is infused with Purotex probiotics which help fight against dust mites and bacteria. It’s Allergy UK-approved for your complete peace of mind.

You never need to fear overheating as you sleep, either. Adaptive® technology works to deliver a consistently cool, dry and fresh sleep – each and every night.

It’s a mattress that fits into your busy lifestyle. Single-sided and easy to care for, you’ll never need to struggle to flip it over. Simply rotate it, end-to-end, using the turning handles provided to keep it in the perfect condition you expect.

For a blissful, restorative sleep, choose the Sealy Activsleep Geltex Pocket Pillow Top 2200 Mattress – and wake feeling ready to have a great day.

Please note: the cover of your new mattress may be different to the one shown. Don’t worry – you’ll still get the same great mattress!


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