Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress

Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress. Experience a solid sleep with our first Mega Firm mattress. Designed with an extra firm feel, this mattress takes support to the next level.

Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress Angle

Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress Sale (from Mattress Online)

Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress

  • One of our firmest mattresses ever!
  • Solid orthopaedic feel for full-body support
  • 1500 pocket springs that enhance the support
  • Filled with a plush insulator pad that regulates heat
  • Blissful extra firm feel
  • Stuffed full with High Density Compressed polyester
  • Additional steel support around the edge of the mattress
  • Increases the sleeping space and border support
  • Hand tufted sleep surface amplifies the firm feel
  • Air vents along the border for improved breathability
  • Turning handles provided
  • Fully recyclable at end of the mattresses life
  • Depth: 25cm
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress Description

Looking for a mattress that offers exceptionally firm support? The Rock Hard Mega Firm Mattress is the one for you.

One of our firmest mattresses ever!

Packed full of support, this extra firm mattress is the firmest we sell. Designed with soothing orthopaedic support, this mattress is ideal for those searching for a firm night’s sleep. The results may speak for themselves, you can wake up refreshed, without any aches or pains.

Solid springs

In the core of this mattress are 1500 pocket springs that gently contour around your body for personalised support. Correctly aligning your spine, these strong springs cradle your body where you need it most.

Sturdy edge

Steel piping has been added around the edge of this mattress to create a sturdy and durable mattress edge. In addition to the secure edge, you can get a maximised sleeping space so you have loads of room to spread out!

Firm comfort

This mega firm mattress is finely filled with High Density Compressed polyester. These fillings maximise your comfort without compromising on the extra firm feel. Cosy enough to provide a dreamy-worthy slumber.

Extra durability

This mattress has been expertly tufted. A traditional method that holds the fillings together and helps the mattress hold its shape. This method enhances the firmness of the mattresses and creates a sturdy, durable sleeping surface.

Finishing touches

Every detail, down to the high quality viscose fabric cover, is finished to the best standard. The addition of small air vents have been added to the border, which improves airflow in the mattress, allowing for a fresher night’s sleep.

No worries

Backed by a 5 year guarantee, you can enjoy your new mattress in confidence. As it’s fully recyclable at its end of use, there’s no need to worry that your mattress will end up in landfill.


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