Relyon Repose Gel Fusion 2800 Pocket Mattress

Top-of-the-range pillow top mattress featuring cooling gel-infused latex and with super-cool ICE fabric. Helps you to fall asleep faster and wake feeling completely refreshed!

Relyon Aero Gel Fusion 2800 Mattress Corner

Relyon Repose Gel Fusion 2800 Pocket Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Relyon Repose Gel Fusion 2800 Pocket Mattress Great?

Part of Relyon’s top-of-the-range PremAIR mattress collection
Expertly designed using innovative materials to keep you cool and fresh
Infused with cool-touch ICE fabric – helps you fall asleep faster
Gel-infused latex provides perfect pressure relief and comfort
Helps relieve tired muscles, aches and pains
Gel also reduces heat and provides a cooling effect
Pillow top for extra comfort and a luxurious feel
A generous 2800 pocket springs ensure head-to-toe support
Supportive base of 2000 Posturepocket™ springs
800 mini pocket springs respond gently to your unique profile and contours
Tailor-made comfort and support in a medium-feel
Edgemax keeps the mattress border sturdy and supportive, with no roll-off
Reinforced border gives you extra sleeping space and better durability
Instantly cooling knitted fabric cover is microquilted to secure the luxury fillings
Eco Fibre within the cover helps reduce moisture for a fresher feel
Bio Protect guards against dust mites and bacteria, and is 100% natural
Easy to care for – no need to turn over
Handles included for easy moving
Depth: 34cm
8 Year Guarantee
Made in the UK

Say goodbye to overheating as you sleep and wake feeling completely refreshed with the super-cool Repose Gel Fusion 2800 Pocket Mattress by Relyon!

The creme de la creme of Relyon’s PremAIR collection, this top-of-the-range mattress features intelligent materials that helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy the very best quality sleep.

It’s the blend of gel-infused latex and ICE fabric technology that helps give this mattress a truly cooling feel. The 2cm gel-latex layer helps dissipate excess body heat, whilst ICE fabric cleverly and instantly cools your skin. The result is a slight drop in body temperature – and this is what helps you fall asleep faster!

Of course, the ultra-cooling properties aren’t the only great thing about this premium mattress. Since the 2cm gel-latex is highly responsive and pressure-relieving, you’ll enjoy remarkable comfort and care for aches and pains too.

Nestled underneath the cooling gel layer, you’ll find thousands of individual pocket springs, all working hard to provide the support you need. 2800 pocket springs – made up of 2000 Posturepocket™ springs and 800 mini pocket springs – contour to your unique shape and provide total-body support.

Providing a superior and highly supportive base, pocket springs give the ultimate care and support for your back and overall posture. Since they act individually, you get more specific support for individual areas of your body. Plus, there’s no transfer of movement between you and your partner either.

The Aero Gel Fusion 2800 is a medium-feel mattress – which means it’s not too soft or too firm. A great compromise between firmer and softer support, this mattress will feel “just right”!

This really is a mattress that has it all. Relyon’s Edgemax technology helps reinforce the mattress border. This means you’ll get a sturdier mattress edge and plenty of space to spread out in bed – with no worries about rolling off!

The knitted, cooling cover is micro-quilted to secure the luxury fillings – and it’s infused with two clever materials. Firstly, the Eco Fibre helps remove moisture to keep you fresh and dry. Secondly, the 100% natural Bio Protect probiotic treatment guards against allergens such as dust mites and bacteria for a sneeze-free slumber.

This is a mattress that fits into your busy life. All you’ll need to do to keep it in great condition is rotate it, once a month, using the turning handles built-in.

Enjoy cool comfort and total luxury with the Repose Gel Fusion 2800 – it really is the perfect recipe for restorative, refreshing sleep.


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