Relyon Orthofirm 800 Pocket Sprung Mattress Sale

The Orthofirm 800 is designed to provide high levels of comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. This mattress is composed of ultimate support layers and is designed to provide a firm yet relaxing experience of pure slumber.

Relyon Orthofirm 800 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Relyon Orthofirm 800 Pocket Sprung Mattress from £267.75

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Brand: Mattressman

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Relyon Orthofirm 800 Pocket Sprung Mattress Description

  • Layers of Hypoallergenic Polyester
  • Individual Contouring Pocket Springs
  • Bio-Protect Durable Fabric Treatment
  • Two Sided For Longevity
  • 8 Year Guarantee

Pocket Sprung

The key feature of the Orthofirm 800 is the solid foundation of the mattress, the 800 pocket spring system. Each spring is nested in its very own fabric pocket; the springs move independently from one another, allowing them to shape to the contours of your body to create full support and pressure relief for critical areas such as the lower back.

Comfortable and Clean

Durable yet soft fibre fillings within the mattress give the Orthofirm 800 optimum levels of comfort. However, another key feature is the 100% natural probiotic fabric treatment to protect against allergens, bacteria and odours, promoting a fresh and healthy mattress. Plus, with he fibre fillings and the Biopro treatment, this mattress is perfect for those who suffer from allergies thanks to its anti-allergy properties.

Would a firmer mattress be right for back sleepers?

Firmer mattresses are typically better for those who are front or back sleepers, this is because the level of tension provides you with the support you need in order to achieve a healthy spine alignment. Firmer mattresses are also great for those of a larger stature since springs can support and distribute your weight more evenly.

Are firmer mattresses also suitable for side sleepers?

Although it is important to consider your personal preference, firmer mattresses aren’t a great fit for those who sleep on their side. Side sleepers need cushioning for their shoulders and hips, and the springs within a firmer mattress are too rigid to provide the level of cushioning they need. Side sleepers would receive the support they need from a medium or softer mattress since they are able to offer the cushioning side sleepers need.


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