Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Pocket Mattress

Enjoy luxurious comfort and style with this expertly crafted, firmer feel mattress. Featuring a blend of pashmina and wool for naturally better sleep.
Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Pocket Mattress Corner

Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Pocket Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Pocket Mattress Great?

A beautifully handcrafted natural mattress
Enjoy a luxurious blend of pashmina and wool
Natural fibres are springy, supportive and perfectly comfortable
Pashmina and wool are breathable for better temperature control
A generous 2350 pocket springs support you where you need it most
Firmer feel – ideal if you love high levels of support
Reinforced mattress edge for complete, edge-to-edge support
Extra sleeping space and no roll-off!
Expertly hand-tufted with woollen tufts to lock in the plush fillings
Three rows of side-stitching for enhanced durability
Beautifully designed damask cover for a luxury feel
Hypoallergenic for a healthier sleeping environment
No need to flip over – single-sided for easy-care
Complete with turning handles for easy moving when needed
Mattress depth: 29.5cm
Made in the UK
8 Year Guarantee

The Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Pocket Mattress is beautifully handcrafted for the perfect night’s sleep.

Natural luxury

If you’re searching for natural comfort and luxury, you’ve found it! The Pashmina features a perfect blend of pashmina and wool for complete comfort – the natural way.

Blissfully comfortable yet supportive, these natural fibres are breathable too. You’ll enjoy a fresher sleep every night, without overheating.

Firm, pocket sprung support

The Pashmina is a firmer feel mattress. This means it’s a great choice if you love high levels of support.

2350 individual pocket springs deliver completely personalised support. Each pocket spring reacts independently to your unique shape, whilst reducing the transfer of movement between you and your partner.

The result is restful, restorative sleep – with no more tossing and turning.

More sleeping space

With the Pashmina, there’s no more fighting for space – or worrying about rolling out of bed! Two firmer, outer rows of pocket springs help to reinforce the mattress edges. This means you’ll enjoy complete, edge-to-edge support.

Beautifully handcrafted

Expert hand tufting secures the Pashmina’s sumptuous natural fillings for longer lasting comfort. Along the borders, three rows of side stitching reinforce the mattress for enhanced durability.

An elegant damask cover finishes this stunning natural mattress beautifully. It truly looks as good as it feels!


Enjoy peaceful, sneeze-free sleep. The Pashmina is hypoallergenic for a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment.

Easy to care for

With no need to flip over, this single-sided mattress is really easy to care for. Simply turn it from head-to-toe once a month using the built-in turning handles to keep it in the great condition you expect.


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