Relyon Comfort Pure 650 Mattress

Irresistibly cosy, comfortable, and great value for money! Featuring a double layer of supportive springs and a plush, pillow-soft quilted layer.

Relyon Comfort Pure 650 Mattress Corner

Relyon Comfort Pure 650 Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Relyon Comfort Pure 650 Mattress Great?

Part of the Comfort collection by Relyon
Featuring a dual-layer of 650 supportive open coil springs
The double layer of springs gives double the comfort and support!
Rated medium – not too soft but not too firm
Plush, pillow-soft quilting for extra luxury
Soft white fibre fillings are wonderfully comfy
Smooth knitted cover is micro-quilted to lock in the plush fillings
No-turn for easy care – simply rotate every month to keep in great condition
Easy to move with built-in turning handles provided
Depth: 29cm
5 Year Guarantee
Made in the UK

For the perfect blend of cosy comfort, support, and great value for money – look no further than the Relyon Comfort Pure 650 Mattress.

Part of the Comfort collection by Relyon, this mattress is plush and, as the name suggests, wonderfully comfy!

Super support

With 650 open coil springs, this mattress brings you superb support. It has a clever combination of a double spring layer and all the individual springs spread evenly around your body to reduce the build of pressure points. Open coil springs are highly supportive and help care for your back, so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Luxurious quilting

This mattress has been designed with sumptuous pillow-soft quilting, filled with plush soft white fibre comfort layers that cradle you as you sleep.

The perfect median

The Comfort Pure 650 is rated medium, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a mattress that’s not too firm or too soft. It’s a particularly good choice for couples, as it offers the best of both worlds.

If this firmness isn’t what you are looking for, check out Relyon Comfort Pure 1000 Pocket Mattress for a firmer feel!

No turn here!

This is a mattress that fits into your busy life. It’s single-sided, so you’ll never need to flip it over. Simply rotate your mattress every month, using the robust built-in turning handles provided.

Irresistibly cosy, comfy, and great value – don’t miss the Comfort Pure 650 by Relyon!


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