Relyon Bee Relaxed Mattress

Firm and supportive, featuring a cosy memory foam layer and a sturdy base Superflex Support Foam. Finished with a smooth knitted cover for extra comfort.

Relyon Bee Relaxed Mattress Corner

Relyon Bee Relaxed Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Relyon Bee Relaxed Mattress Great?

Delivered rolled up – faster delivery for you and better for the environment
Featuring a plush 2.5cm memory foam layer for extra comfort
Superflex Support Foam for a sturdy base
Springless mattress – 100% foam
Smooth and soft stretch knitted fabric cover
Single-sided – no need to turn over, simply rotate every three months
A lighter-than-average mattress for easy moving and handling
Depth: 17cm
5 Year Guarantee
Made in the UK

Looking for great value and a great night’s sleep? Look no further than the Relyon Bee Relaxed Mattress, part of the Relyon Bee Collection.

Firm and supportive, this is a 100% foam, springless mattress. Since this mattress is all-foam, you’ll enjoy consistent support, from edge to edge.

Sumptuous comfort

Nestled just under the surface of the Bee Relaxed Mattress is a sumptuous layer of memory foam. A plush comfort layer, memory foam provides soothing pressure relief for aches and pains. All wrapped in a stretch-knit fabric cover, this mattress is super-comfy and smooth to the touch.

Super support

Underneath the memory foam layer is a sturdy base of Superflex Support Foam. This foam base ensures consistent support, right across the mattress.

Sleek and slim

This is a slimmer-than-average mattress, measuring 17cm deep. It’s a good choice if you prefer a lower overall bed height. If you’re looking for a deeper, more luxurious mattress, why not check out the Bee Calm or the Bee Cosy Mattress instead?

A hassle-free mattress

Easy to care for, you’ll never need to flip over this mattress. As it’s single-sided, all you’ll need to do is rotate it from end-to-end every three months. There’s no need to struggle to move this mattress though, since it’s much lighter than average.

Good for you, and our planet

Since the Bee Relaxed Mattress comes rolled-up, it’s easier to carry around your house – whether that’s around corners or up narrow stairs. All you need to do is place it on your bed, unwrap it and leave it to expand for a couple of hours. Then it’s ready for you to enjoy!

Better for the environment, rolled mattresses help reduce our carbon emissions. As they take up less room than traditional flat mattresses, we can deliver more in fewer trips. So it’s a great option for you – and our planet.

Disclaimer: To keep your mattress in perfect condition, you should unroll your mattress within 3 months of it being delivered. This ensures that your new mattress will unroll smoothly and it will keep it clean and fresh.


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