Novo Natural 1000 Pocket Comfort Mattress

Enjoy a simply blissful night’s sleep with the perfect blend of natural comfort and pocket sprung support, all wrapped up in a soft-touch knitted cover.

Novo 1000 Comfort Front

Novo Natural 1000 Pocket Comfort Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Novo Natural 1000 Pocket Comfort Mattress Great?

1000 individual pocket springs provide total body support
Pocket springs respond individually to your unique shape
Enjoy edge-to-edge support, across the entire mattress surface
Perfectly balanced comfort and support in a medium firmness
Featuring natural comfort layers of wool and cotton
Wool is a natural insulator, helping you stay warm in winter and cooler in summer
Cotton is breathable, helping to regulate your temperature as you sleep
Air vents along the mattress border improve breathability and freshness
All wrapped up in a soft-touch knitted and quilted cover for a wonderfully cosy feel
Rows of hand side-stitching give a more traditional look and help reinforce the mattress sides
Single-sided for easier care, there’s no need to turn your mattress over
Simply rotate each month using the turning handles built into the mattress
Depth: 28cm
5 Year Warranty
Handcrafted in the UK

The Natural 1000 Pocket Comfort Mattress by Novo is a beautifully handcrafted natural mattress.

Rated medium, this mattress is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a good balance between cushioned comfort and high levels of support. It’s not too firm or too soft – it’s just right!

Crafted with care, you can enjoy the natural comfort of soft, springy wool and cooling cotton. It’s all nestled on top of a supportive pocket sprung base.

Wool is a wonderfully adaptable comfort layer. Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, it’s a natural insulator and a great choice if you tend to feel too hot or cold as the seasons change. Breathable and fresh, cotton helps regulate your temperature so you’ll always sleep comfortably.

Nestled underneath the cosy layers of wool and cotton, 1000 pocket springs give you all the support you need. Since each pocket spring reacts individually to your unique shape, you’ll get incredibly personalised support where you need it most and no roll-together.

You’ll enjoy total comfort and support, right to the edge of the mattress. It’s all down to the edge-to-edge support, giving you that all-important space to sleep peacefully.

It’s all wrapped up in a soft-touch knitted fabric cover that’s micro-quilted to keep all the luxury fillings secure. Rows of traditional hand side-stitching provide further reinforcement along the mattress edge.

Embroidered handles along the border make it a breeze to move your mattress when you need to. However, as this mattress is single-sided you’ll never need to flip it over. All you need to do is rotate it end-to-end each month to keep your mattress in great condition.


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