Mlily Bamboo Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress

Enjoy the better night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Fresh and revitalising bamboo charcoal memory foam helps keep you cool and ready for the day!
Mlily Memory 1500 Mattress Corner

Mlily Bamboo Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Mlily Bamboo Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress Great?

Moisture-wicking 5cm layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam
Bamboo charcoal memory foam keeps you cool and fresh while you sleep
Soothing 2cm layer of flex comfort memory foam
Tailored support from 1500 hi-low performance pocket springs
The springs adapt to your shape and weight for personalised support
More space to snooze with aero-flex mattress border
Aero-flex border helps to reinforce the sides of your mattress
Rated medium-firm – for balanced comfort and support
Soft-touch knitted cover
Hypoallergenic for a healthier sleep
Super-easy care – no need to flip over
Rolled-up easier to deliver and move
Depth: 28.5cm
5 Year Guarantee

Experience rejuvenating slumber with the Mlily Bamboo Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress.


Experience cloud-like comfort and soothing slumber. The Bamboo Memory 1500 features a 5cm layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam combined with a soft 2cm layer of flex comfort memory foam. These memory foam layers mould to the shape of your body for luxury comfort every night.

Cooler, fresher

Hate feeling too hot? This mattress features temperature-regulating bamboo charcoal memory foam that removes moisture. This helps to keep your body at the optimum temperature so you can wake feeling refreshed.

Bamboo charcoal is infused into the innovative airflow memory foam layer of this mattress for enhanced breathability. Channels throughout the memory foam layer allow air to flow through, keeping you cool and fresh.

Allergy-free sleep

If you love a healthier, fresher sleep, the Bamboo Memory 1500 is the mattress for you. Its bamboo charcoal memory foam layer guards against dust mites and allergens for a cleaner mattress.

Great for allergy sufferers – or if you’re looking for a cleaner, healthier sleep – this mattress is hypoallergenic, too.

Perfectly balanced support

It’s expertly designed to offer the best of both worlds. We’ve rated this mattress medium-firm, so you can enjoy sumptuous comfort without giving up on great support.

1500 cutting-edge hi-low performance pocket springs adapt to your shape and weight for tailored support. Combined with a sturdy base of adaptive support foam, this mattress is great for reducing pressure-point build-up around your hips, back and joints.

Extra snoozing space

Aero-flex foam encapsulation in the Bamboo Memory 1500 provides support right to the edge of your mattress. So, no matter how you like to sleep, you’ve got plenty of room to snooze.

No need to turn

Great news – the Bamboo Memory 1500 is single-sided! This means you’ll never need to flip your new mattress over. Simply rotate it from top to bottom every three months.

Protecting the planet

Your new mattress is rolled up, making it easier to deliver and move around corners. Rolled mattresses are great for the environment, too. Thanks to their compact size, we can deliver more mattresses in one go and lower our carbon emissions.

Simply place your new mattress on your bed and carefully unwrap it. In just a few hours it will expand to its full size!


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