Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress

Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress. With 2000 pocket springs and a plush layer of memory foam, the Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress provides exceptional support and pressure relief for your whole body.

Memoryzone 2000 Corner

Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress Sale (from Mattress Online)

Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress

  • Plush, cosy memory foam comfort
  • Cushions the sensitive parts of your body
  • 2000 pocket springs tailor to your unique shape
  • Unrivalled level of support
  • Foam encapsulated for maximised sleeping space
  • Pressure-relieving properties
  • Improves blood flow to reduce tossing and turning
  • Rolled mattress
  • Single-sided – rotate every 6 months
  • Luxurious knitted cover
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Medium-firm firmness – ideal for back support
  • Vegan friendly
  • Rolled for convenience
  • Depth: 25cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress Description

Sink into comfort with the Memory Zone 2000 Pocket Mattress. With 2000 pocket springs and a plush layer of cosy memory foam.

Smart Springs

Featuring an incredible 2000 pocket spring system this mattress brings you enhanced medium-firm support. Each spring responds to your weight individually to relieve pressure. The smart springs contour to your body, providing the support where your body needs it the most.

Cosy foam

Infused within the mattress core is a plush layer of memory foam . This lavish layer elevates this mattress to the next level comfort. The cosy layers cushion the hardest parts of your body like the shoulders and the hips which allow you to sink into the surface for ultimate relief.

Less toss and turn

The innovative memory foam distributes your weight evenly and targets pressure points, providing soothing pressure relief. The pressure-relieving properties increase and improve blood flow around the body, reducing the urge to toss and turn during the night. Now you are able to get an undisturbed sleep night after night!

Maximised sleep

This mattress has a foam encapsulated border. This secures the internal fillings and allows you to sleep right up the edge of your mattress. Now you can spread out and relax!

Long-lasting cover

Adorned in a stunning knitted cover, this mattress has an added splash of luxury. Designed with a quirky wave pattern and embroidered label, you can feel the care that has gone into this mattress. The cover is easily removable and machine washable for a fresh, crisp feeling night after night!


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