Max Ottoman Upholstered TV Bed Frame

Max Ottoman Upholstered TV Bed Frame.

Max Ottoman Upholstered TV Bed Frame

Max Ottoman Upholstered TV Bed Frame


10% Off When Bought With A Mattress

  • Upholstered TV bed with ottoman storage base
  • Small double (4’/ 120cm) to fit smaller bedrooms
  • Side-lifting storage space under bed
  • Manual push-down action
  • Includes 32″ Smart TV
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade features SAPHI Smart TV operating system
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade has quad core processor
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade features home network connection
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade includes Smart TV apps – Youtube, Netflix and more
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade has a built-in web browser
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade has 2 USB ports
  • 32″ Smart TV Upgrade has 2 HDMI ports
  • Sprung slatted base to provide enhanced comfort and support
  • Product will be replaced or replacement part sent out within 5 years of purchase (bed frame and electrics) 

The Max takes up minimum space yet offers maximum storage, thanks to its contemporary design and side-lifting ottoman. Simply lift the mattress on this small double TV bed to reveal ample storage space for clothes, shoes and seasonal bedding. Perfect where floor space may be a premium.

Meanwhile, the plush headboard comes in cool, steel grey colour and features an attractive linear design, making resting in bed that little bit more appealing.

The addition of a sprung slatted mattress base not only provides support and comfort but also allows air to circulate around the mattress, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

What’s more, the 32″ slim LED TV is feature-packed, ensuring you’re never be bored in bed – Freeview HD is built-in which includes multiple HD channels, plus a range of regular TV channels and a selection or radio station channels too. You can also record and pause live TV using a USB drive (not supplied). It includes a sleep timer function so your TV won’t stay on all night, plus a wide range of connections to ensure all your devices can be attached – everything you’ll want from a bedroom TV.

With the 32″ Full HD LED Smart TV having three HDMI ports and two USB ports it is effortless to share you favourite multimedia content with your family and friends by connecting a USB stick or hard drive. the HDMI ports have an impressivley low 20 ms input lag making them perfect for gaming reducing the time between your contoller commands and seeing the action on screen. Complete with clear, crisp audio and a punchy base for a compeletly immersive experience.

When it’s time to go to sleep, simply push down the mechanism at the foot of the bed to hide the TV in the footboard.

Receive our Free 5 year guarantee.

* please note, on rare occasions, the TVs may be substituted for a similar make and model TV of the same value; you would be fully advised should this occur

* some smart apps or services may require subscription (not included). Freeview Play requires minimum broadband speed and aerial signal strength

* please note, a smart TV is a device that can run 3rd party apps. The 3rd party content providers may remove or discontinue apps in the smart TV or stop supporting them at any time; thus, we cannot guarantee the continual availability of smart TV apps. Availability of apps is not included within the terms of the guarantee.

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