Kally Ultimate Front Sleeper Pillow From £30

Filled with premium hollowfibre to the ideal level for front sleepers, the Kally Front Sleeper Pillow is a slightly flatter pillow than those a back sleeper or side sleeper usually require. Front sleepers generally require a softer and shallower pillow which supports your neck at the optimal height with your head slightly tilted on it. Depending on sleep position your head and neck need differing levels of support which is why its so important to choose a pillow of the correct loft.

Includes 1 x pillow.


Kally Ultimate Front Sleeper Pillow From £30

Brand: Dreams



  • Breathable cotton cover
  • Bouncy and supportive hollowfibre filling
  • Anti-allergy treated fibres
  • Aligns and supports your head and neck
  • Helps relieve neck and shoulder pain
  • Perfect for front sleepers
  • Soft comfort grade
  • 1-year guarantee