JAY_BE Simply Kids Pocket Sprung Anti Allergy Pocket Sprung Mattress Sale

Jay-Be are a superb manufacturer that truly put quality children’s sleep in the forefront of this collection of mattresses. It’s also nice to know that all of Jay-Be’s kids and toddler mattresses come as standard with a five-year guarantee, meaning you’re covered for years to come.

JAY_BE Simply Kids Pocket Sprung Anti Allergy Pocket Sprung Mattress

JAY_BE Simply Kids Pocket Sprung Anti Allergy Pocket Sprung Mattress from £124.09

Medium, Pocket Sprung, White Filling, Free Next Day Delivery

Brand: Mattressman

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Medium is the level of support to the body, suitable for all average weighted people.

Designed with kids in mind
Developed specifically for children with allergic conditions, or those with sensitive immune systems. The Anti-Allergy Kids Pocket Sprung Mattress has everything necessary to not only support your child in some of the most crucial years of their life but keep them happy, healthy and well-rested as they grow.

Pocket sprung with comfortable qualities
A foundation of hundreds of independently responsive springs allows this mattress to cradle the contours of their body, providing support to all of the key areas such as the hips, back, neck and spine. On top of this, an incredibly comfortable layer of smart fibres offers a soft sleeping surface that actively regulates body-heat, humidity and airflow to keep your little one cool, dry and comfortable throughout the year.

Why is a medium mattress better for children?
If children slept on firm mattresses for a prolonged time then it may not be the best for their natural spinal alignment. This is because they have light statures, so springs in this mattress won’t be over-strained and lose shape. The tension of the mattress also means that no matter what position you child likes to sleep in, they can be adequately supported throughout the night.

Why should I choose this mattress if my child has allergies?
The secret to this mattress’ hypoallergenic magic is the clever Purotex® treatment on the cover, which absorbs moisture and reduces the presence of dust mites, a common allergen amongst kids and adults. Alongside this, this mattress has polyester fillings which are a much better option than natural fillings for allergy sufferers.


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