Hypnos Burford Ortho Comfort Mattress

Hypnos Burford Ortho Comfort Mattress. Get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of and fall into decadent ortho comfort! Designed with innovative 6-turn pocket springs and sumptuous natural fillings.

Hypnos Burford Lifestyle Side Semidressed

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Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Hypnos Burford Ortho Comfort Mattress

  • Innovative ReActivePro™ 6-turn pocket springs
  • Provides soothing pressure-relieving properties
  • Blissful orthopaedic support
  • Expertly handcrafted in the UK
  • Luxuriously filled with finest natural fibres
  • Two rows of hand side stitching provides strong edge-to-edge support
  • Hand tufted for a sturdy sleep surface
  • The ideal medium to firm support
  • Helps ease back and hip aches and pains
  • Temperature regulating, great for any season
  • Anti-allergen and chemical-free
  • Double-sided, simply flip and rotate with the seasons
  • Depth: 27cm
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK

Hypnos Burford Ortho Comfort Mattress Description

Experience sleep like no other with the Hypnos Burford Ortho Comfort Mattress! Designed to give you the support needed for the best possible sleep.

Blissful sleep

At the core of the Burford are ingenious 1200 ReActive™ 6-turn pocket springs. Hypnos’ unique spring technology is engineered to provide full body orthopaedic support.

Every spring has precisely six turns which allows them to seamlessly disperse the pressure downward. Each turn increases the sensitivity of the spring to adapt to the applied pressure.

True back support

With the orthopaedic medium to firm feel, this mattress offers you strong back support. This mattress works to correctly align your spine whilst providing soothing pressure relief. The medium to firm feel pushes back against your body, giving your back the support it needs.

The soft sleeping surface has been hand tufted with British wool to create a smooth, sturdier surface. An extra step for a fully supported sleep.

Responsible fillings

This mattress has been finely filled with sustainably sourced cotton. Cotton fibres are highly breathable and wonderfully wick away moisture during the night so that you can wake up on a fresh, dry sleeping surface. Filled with strong and durable fibres. The perfect filling for your mattress because of their long-lasting properties.

Hypnos only use sustainable sourced natural fillings in their mattresses. Working with experienced farmers ensures the fillings are certified and tracked back to their origins.

This mattress also has a layer of Solotex™, which is a recycled synthetic fibre which has been spun to create a breathable, durable filling. It adds a soft, plush layer to the mattress so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep without compromise.

Traditionally handcrafted

The Burford has been expertly handcrafted. Time-honoured skills have been passed down through the generations. Hypnos uses the perfect blend of innovation and tradition in each of their mattresses.

Natural cover

The cover on this mattress is made from sustainably sourced natural cotton, that also works with the mattress fillings to keep you cool and is treated with a natural fire retardancy removing the need for the use of any nasty chemical treatments on the mattress.

Strong edge

This mattress has two rows of hand side-stitching which creates a strong edge on the mattress. The border has been stitched onto the pocket spring system, maximising the amount of sleeping surface. Supporting you right from the very edge, the spring unit also has rod edging attached around the unit for an extra bit of support.

Long-lasting performance

Lay back and enjoy the long-lasting performance this mattress has to offer. With it being double-sided, this mattress can last a while. Simply use the mattress handles provided to flip and rotate seasonally to make the most out of it.


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