Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress

Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress. Submerge yourself into luxury with Harrison Spinks newest Quilted Fusion range, exclusive to Mattress Online. The 8000 pocket springs bring you the support you need!

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Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress Sale (from Mattress Online)

Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress

  • 8000 individual pocket springs to provide full tailored support
  • 6500 HD pocket springs support key pressure points
  • Quality pressure relieving properties
  • Eco friendly filling pad is fully recyclable
  • Sumptuously soft, quilted cover
  • Simulated side stitching for reinforced border support
  • This mattress is 100% recyclable
  • Medium firmness – best of both worlds
  • Suitable for every sleeping positions
  • Single sided
  • Rotate the mattresses every six months
  • Chemical free sleeping surface
  • Depth: 25cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress Description

Immerse yourself in luxury with Harrison Spinks Quilted Fusion 8000 Pocket Mattress, exclusive to Mattress Online!

A springy blend

This exquisite mattress is filled to the brim with a mixture of different pocket springs. It has a layer of 6500 HD pocket springs that support key pressure points for optimal pressure relieving properties and a layer of innovative Posturfil springs providing you with all the comfort that you need.

In the core of this mattress are Cortec™ Quad springs. Expertly designed to improve breathability, these clever springs mould to your individual shape for highly personalised support.

No more pesky tufts

This lavish mattress is wrapped in a soft, quilted panel cover. By cleverly designing the mattress to be inner tufted, this allows the cover to have a super smooth sleeping surface without any lumps and bumps.

The Harrison Spinks feel

Each Harrison Spinks mattress is expertly handcrafted by craftsmen who use traditional bed making techniques. This is what gives a mattress the luxurious Harrison Spinks feel. With over 180 years of experience, each Harrison Spinks mattress has an inherent respect for quality and this goes into making every mattress.

The best of both worlds

The mattress has a medium firmness which is great for people who like the cosy comfort a mattress can provide whilst also giving you amazing spinal alignment. A medium mattress also settles the arguments between you and your partner, it’s not too firm or too soft… the best of both worlds!

More space for a deep slumber

With the expert side-stitching that goes into this mattress, it allows for a reinforced edge support. So thanks to Harrison Spinks craftsmanship, you have a maximised sleeping space allowing you to fall into a deep slumber with all the space you need!

Nothing to landfill

Proudly focused on being sustainable and ethical, Harrison Spinks designed their mattresses to be 100% recyclable by creating mattresses foam, chemical and glue-free.


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