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The top layer of our Guru mattress is made from 4G Air Memory Foam which provides all the luxurious comfort and support of traditional foam with some added extras.

4G Air memory foam releases a cooling sensation when pressure is applied so you never have to worry about feeling too warm. The open-cell structure of the memory foam allows the mattress to naturally air itself, maintaining a clean and fresh sleeping space.

Sleeping on Your Mattress

Learn how to unroll your mattress easily and safely in our handy guide. 

Supportive Memory Foam

Below this cool memory foam layer are two supportive layers of Revo technology foam and base foam. This three-layer combination creates a long-lasting memory foam mattress, with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Affordable Quality

Every Zen Guru Mattress is manufactured in our Yorkshire factory which is why we offer factory-direct prices. So you can save significantly compared to our mattress competitors.

Mattress Delivery

Delivery within 5-7 days from placing order. (Excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands)

We offer free delivery on orders over £99. For items under this amount there is a charge of £4.95 for delivery. There may also be a small charge for orders to certain parts of Scotland.

Your mattress will be delivered either boxed or rolled in a protective bag allowing you to move it into your room of choice quickly and easily.

Our Mattress in a Box

Our Guru bed in a box mattress is made from 4G Airflow memory foam. The cooling technology prevents you from overheating at night, a welcome relief for many. It’s designed to suit all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions in other words, tailored for a range of individuals. The 100 night mattress trial allows you to decide if the Guru is right for you. If not, we will collect it for you and provide a full refund. Alternatively, we can arrange an exchange for one of our other memory foam mattresses.


This product offers a wide range of exciting features all wrapped up in one. These include:

  • Medium/soft support
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • 10 year warranty
  • 23cm mattress depth
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Three layers of foam
  • British-made
  • 7.5cm memory foam
  • 15.5cm reflex foam
  • 100-night trial period

Combined, we’re confident these will give you everything you’re looking for.

Is This the Right Bed for You?

A mattress guide can help you determine the right choice for your individual situation. Remember, what might feel comfortable to someone else may not feel the same to you!

Some advice is always to consider your personal preferences. For example, those who sleep on their stomach should look for firm support.

If you want to try before you buy, head down to our mattress outlet shop in Wakefield, where you can find many different products.

What Makes Memory Foam the Perfect Material?

This material is held in high esteem across the globe – earning huge popularity for good reason. It’s not just comfort levels it offers – although rest assured you’ll find one of the most luxurious surfaces money can buy. However, this foam has a number of health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Spine Alignment

It’s hugely important to keep your neck and spine aligned while you sleep. This reduces aches and pains, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed.

Full Body Support

A mattress that’s broken or sagging won’t offer adequate support – therefore it’s vital you change yours. Memory foam can hold every area of your body individually, from hips to shoulders, giving you the feeling of floating.

This can also significantly reduce motion transfer, making sure you won’t feel your partner move as they sleep. This is particularly important if there’s a notable weight difference between the two of you.

Air Circulation

Tired of getting hot and bothered at night? Your current mattress may not be allowing air to circulate, causing you to overheat.

Pressure Point Relief

Are there any specific points of pain on your body? Your mattress could be aggravating them without you realising. Memory foam can provide the relief you’re looking for.

This doesn’t just apply to pressure points. This material can also relieve you of strain and stiffness, while easing muscle pain simultaneously.

Allergy Relief

If you suffer from allergies, your mattress could be making these worse, without you realising.

For example, particularly if you’re prone to overheating at night, dust mites can build up and cause a number of symptoms, such as sneezing. The result? A restless night’s sleep.

Memory foam can help alleviate this – ensuring the surface you sleep on leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

How to Set Up Your Bed in a Box

Unboxing couldn’t be simpler – but to ensure you do it right, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Open the box
Remove the rolled mattress with the protective packaging still intact
Place it on the bed it’s intended for
Open the packaging (ideally without the use of scissors just in case you damage the product)
Unroll the mattress
Give it time to expand and regain its original shape (at least 24 hours)

After that, your mattress in a box is ready to use – it’s as easy as that!

What Sizes Does This Product Come In?

We believe variety is key – which is why our mattress in a box comes in multiple sizes. These include:

King size
Super king size

This ensures you aren’t limited, you can find everything you’re looking for – regardless of the dimensions you require.

Completing Your Sleeping Space

We’ve made it our mission to ensure you have everything you need for a luxurious sleep – every night of the week.

This is why we don’t just offer mattresses.


We find that memory foam mattress toppers are perfect for creating an irresistibly soft feeling. They have a number of other benefits too, such as ensuring your mattress is durable. It provides a layer of protection a well-loved bed deserves.

What’s more – they can provide an affordable alternative should other options be out of your budget.

Bed Frames

Our bed frames and beds are unrivalled – featuring a wide range of materials, styles and sizes. From storage to leather, you name it, we’ve got it.

Here – we combine appearance with practicality, taking care not to compromise on either.


The surface you rest your head on at night is also hugely important – something we understand.

This is why we offer a number of high-quality memory foam pillows for you to choose from. These come in many different styles, each offering health benefits and high levels of support.

Some more good news, everything found within our collection is affordable.

Why Choose Us?

With so many mattress brands out there – why should you choose Memory Foam Warehouse?


We believe the perfect night’s sleep shouldn’t break the bank. Our mattress in a box is no exception!

Within our online store, you can find a number of different products, all at affordable prices. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

Free Delivery

Orders over a certain amount can qualify for free delivery and be with you in less than five days. This is just one way we want to give back to our customers.

Customer Service

Contact one of our sleep experts to discuss your options and decide what’s right for you. We’re here to help you make your selection – as we know how personal sleep preferences are.

British Made

Every item in our store is British made, manufactured in our Yorkshire factory. This is why we offer some of the most competitive prices out there.

Price Match Promise

This product in particular also comes with a price match promise, ensuring you receive value for money.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – our customers are delighted by our services and the products we offer!

We’ve placed our consumers at the heart of what we do, which is why we’re confident you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

Our Entire Collection of Mattresses

Haven’t found what you’re looking for here?

Luckily, a bed in a box isn’t all we have on offer.

From pocket springs to latex foam to hybrid mattresses, we have a little something for everyone. Every item is designed with the highest quality – with your needs in mind.

All our products offer maximum comfort, merged with affordable price tags, meaning we can cater to every budget. We’ve made it our mission to ensure we keep eveyone’s budgets in mind.

Sound good to you? Buy a mattress online here. After that, lay back, sink in – and drift off!



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