Flaxby Nature’s Finest 4450 Pillow Top Mattress From £1,099

The Nature’s Finest 4450 mattress uses 100% pure natural cotton. A durable filling that helps to keep you fresh and cool during the night as the material wicks potential moisture away from the body giving you that extra comfort benefit. This mattress also includes layers of wool and hemp sourced from farms in and around Yorkshire. Using wool gives the mattress a soft, springy and naturally supportive feel whilst hemp possesses anti-bacterial properties.


Flaxby Nature’s Finest 4450 Pillow Top Mattress From £1,099

Brand: Dreams

Select a size: 3’0 Single | 4’0 Small double | 4’6 Double | 5’0 King | 6’0 Super king



  • 2254 pocket springs
  • 100% recyclable Cortec pocket spring unit
  • 4450 individual pocket springs, including exclusive DNAir pocket springs
  • Sumptuous pillow top for added comfort
  • Traditionally hand tufted for secure alignment and two rows of side stitching for superior edge support
  • Natural cotton, wool & hemp fillings and a luxurious chemical free sleeping surface
  • Rotate Regularly – Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter
  • 5-year guarantee

You can relax in enhanced comfort with our DNAir and Cortec combination pocket spring system, and experience highly comfortable and supported sleep.