Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress

Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress. Surround yourself in a world of heavenly comfort. 3000 responsive pocket springs and a sumptuous layer of pressure relieving latex cuddle you to sleep.

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Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress Sale (from Mattress Online)

Available in: Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


Why choose the Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress

  • Plush pillow top for ultimate comfort
  • 1000 pocket springs for targeted support
  • Topped with 2000 micro tablet springs for added comfort
  • Three comfort layers of natural wool
  • A sumptuously cosy layer of latex
  • Firm edge support
  • Breathable knitted fabric cover
  • Single sided – no need to flip
  • Rotate every 3 to 6 months to keep it tip-top shape
  • Stylish colour design
  • With four turning handles for easy turning
  • Foam free construction
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • A snug soft-medium mattress
  • Depth: 32cm
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress Description

Transport yourself to a land of comfort with the Elle Decoration Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Mattress.

Spring support

1000 traditional pocket springs are placed at the core of the mattress to contour to your unique body shape, so you can grab the right amount of targeted support.

These pocket springs are topped with 2000 micro tablet springs, which are perfect for some added comfort. The mini springs work together to surround your body and keep you cosy all night long.

Edge to edge

By using thicker wire springs around the edge, this mattress has a reinforced border so you can sleep right to the very edge. Ideal for sleepers who love to stretch out.

Orange is your colour

A light grey border and eye-catching orange side handles stand out from the sea of plain white beds for a truly unique look.

The mattress border is hand stitched to hold the filling securely in place, creating extra sturdy support and a timeless, traditional finish.

Naturally cool

To get the absolute best comfort possible, this mattress is loaded with three layers of natural wool and linen. A natural insulator, wool is highly breathable which aids in heat regulation. It keeps you warm in winter whilst keeping you cool during the warmer months.

Bounce back

The natural latex layer nestled at the top of the comfort fillings provides pressure relieving bliss. Latex is inherently responsive to pressure, bouncing back into shape to securely cradle you into weightless sleep and help prevent you waking with aches and pains.

Pillow top perfection

Crowned with a deep, plush pillow top that gives you an unrivalled soft and cosy sleep surface to snuggle into. With a soft to medium firmness, you can get the support needed without losing out on comfort.

If this is a bit too soft for you, check out the Elle Decoration Natural Linen 2000 Pocket Mattress for a firmer feel.

Rotate and relax

With simple care instructions, caring for this mattress is a breeze. It is single-sided so you’ll only have to rotate it top to toe. Simply use the turning handles provided and rotate. With a 1 Year Guarantee, we’ve got you covered.


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