Dormeo Octaspring 9500 Latex Mattress

This top-of-the-range mattress features three layers of Octaspring® technology and latex comfort. It’s eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam so you can enjoy the most restful sleep – ever!

Dormeo Octaspring Model Holding

Dormeo Octaspring 9500 Latex Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Dormeo Octaspring 9500 Latex Mattress Great?

Featuring innovative Octaspring® foam spring technology
Three layers of Octasprings, arranged into eight body zones
Targeted, personalised support for your head and neck, shoulders and back
Octasprings are eight times more breathable than standard memory foam
Unique, eight-sided, three-dimensional design for optimal airflow
Cool and fresh, with a breathable mattress border
Luxury 4cm layer of latex for supreme comfort
Latex is pressure-relieving and helps reduce aches and pains
Durable and resilient, latex supports your unique shape and movements
Enjoy more sleeping space thanks to the firmer outer rows of Octasprings
Soft-touch Superstretch™ knitted fabric cover is elegantly designed
Ecofresh probiotic cover treatment
Hypoallergenic – helps guard against bacteria and dust mites
Easy to keep clean and healthy, the cover is machine washable at 30°C
No need to flip over, simply rotate using the built-in “invisible” handles
Mattress depth: 30cm
Exceptional 20 Year Limited Warranty
1 Year Warranty on the mattress cover

Looking for complete comfort, support and luxury? You’ve found it! This stunning, top-of-the-range mattress will give you the perfect night’s sleep, every night.

A fresher feel

The Octaspring 9500 Latex Mattress boasts truly ground-breaking technology. The secret ingredient is the unique, eight-sided, 360-degree Octaspring®.

Octasprings are eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam! They work by drawing in fresh air and removing warmer, humid air through the breathable mattress border. The result is improved airflow and a cooler night’s sleep.

Personalised support

This clever Octaspring® technology isn’t just fresh and cool. It’s remarkably supportive too! The Octasprings are arranged into three extra-deep layers.

The first layer is a supportive Octaspring® base, which helps to distribute your body weight evenly. The middle layer features five zones for incredibly personalised support. The final three zones of Octasprings in the top layer provide gentle support for lighter areas and firmer support where your body is heaviest.

Luxury comfort

Nestled on top of the Octaspring® layers is a luxurious 4cm deep layer of latex. Remarkably comfortable, it’s flexible, resilient and pressure-relieving so you can relax and drift off in total comfort.

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Optimised sleeping space

Maximum space is the key to a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep. Thanks to the firmer, outer row of Octasprings around the mattress edge, you’ll get better support across the entire mattress and more space to snooze.

Expertly designed

Dormeo have designed a mattress that truly looks as good as it feels. It’s all wrapped up in an award-winning Superstretch™ knitted cover, in an elegant wave pattern.

This intelligent cover fabric stretches up to 50% more in each direction compared with regular mattress cover material. This helps bring out the comfort of the Octaspring® memory foam springs.

Extra clean and fresh

Love that “fresh-sheets” feeling? It’s easy to enjoy extra freshness each night – simply pop the mattress cover in the wash at 30°C.

Easy-care, no fuss

This is a single-sided mattress, which means you don’t need to flip it over. All you’ll need to do is rotate it from end-to-end every month using the special, “invisible” turning handles, hidden underneath the mattress.

Naturally hypoallergenic

The Octaspring 9500 cover is treated with Ecofresh – a natural way to fight allergens such as dust mites and bacteria. An eco-friendly probiotic, it’s hypoallergenic without the use of harsh chemicals.

Sleep peacefully

Dormeo are certain you’ll love the Octaspring 9500 Mattress – so it comes with an amazing 20 Year Limited Warranty!

Please note: the mattress cover includes a 1 Year Warranty.

8/10 people prefer the feel

Don’t just take out word for it! During independent tests, the team at Dormeo discovered that eight out of ten people prefer the feel of Octaspring® when compared with their own mattress. Why not find out for yourself?


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