Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Memory Mattress

Fall asleep faster, enjoy deeper sleep and wake feeling refreshed. This beautifully crafted, medium-firm Octaspring® memory foam mattress is the perfect way to start and end your day.

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Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Memory Mattress

Available in Single | Small double | Double | King size | Super king


What Makes The Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Memory Mattress Great?

Featuring three layers of Octasprings for perfect support
The Octaspring® comfort layers are arranged into an impressive eight body zones
Each layer works in harmony to provide remarkable comfort
Octasprings provide eight times more airflow than traditional memory foam
Draws fresh air in and expels warm air to keep you cooler
Breathable mattress border for improved airflow
Medium-firm feel for that ideal balance of comfort and support
An outer row of firmer Octasprings give you complete edge support
A luscious 4cm layer of memory foam delivers pressure relief
Memory foam helps reduce motion transfer, for an undisturbed sleep
Superstretch™ knitted fabric cover features a beautiful wave design
Machine wash the cover at 30°C for an extra fresh, clean feel
Environmentally-friendly Ecofresh natural probiotic treatment
Hypoallergenic, guards against dust mites and bacteria
Single-sided, easy to care for – simply rotate every month using the built-in “invisible” handles
Mattress depth: 25cm
Impressive 20 Year Limited Warranty
1 Year Warranty on the mattress cover

Enjoy deeper sleep and wake refreshed. The Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Mattress is expertly designed for perfect comfort.

A breath of fresh air

The difference between Octaspring® mattresses and traditional memory foam mattresses is all down to the clever technology of Octaspring®.

Octasprings work by drawing fresher air in and expelling warmer, humid air. The eight-sided, three-dimensional spring is up to eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam.

Combined with a breathable mattress border to maximise airflow even further, the result is better ventilation for your mattress – and a cooler, fresher sleep for you.

Perfect support

The secret to restful sleep is the clever Octaspring® layers. With three layers of Octasprings, they’re cleverly zoned to offer you specific support where you need it most.

The first layer is a supportive Octaspring® base. Nestled on top are two layers of memory Octasprings, working in harmony to respond to your unique shape.

This mattress is medium-firm, making it perfect for those who like more robust support but also the cosy comfort that a softer mattresses brings.

If you are wanting something a little firmer, check out Dormeo Octaspring 6500 Memory Mattress!

Blissful comfort

Topped with a luxurious 4cm layer of memory foam, this is a mattress that cradles you to sleep. Memory foam helps reduce pressure point build-up, so you can wake free of aches and pains.

More sleep space

With a firmer, outer row of Octasprings around the mattress edge, you can enjoy edge-to-edge support – and more space to sleep!

Elegantly designed

This is a mattress that looks as good as it feels! The award-winning Superstretch™ knitted cover is beautifully designed and features a pretty wave design.

The clever fabric stretches up to 50% more in each direction, compared with traditional mattress covers, for extra comfort.

Clean and fresh, every night

It’s easy to keep your new mattress in perfect condition. The fabric cover can be machine washed at 30°C, so you can enjoy a cleaner, fresher feel every night.

Easy-care for your convenience

This mattress is single-sided, so you’ll never have to flip it over! Simply rotate it, head-to-toe, each month. Built-in “invisible” handles are hidden underneath the mattress to help make turning your mattress quick and easy.

Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic

The cover is treated with Ecofresh, a natural, environmentally-friendly probiotic. It fights against allergens such as dust mites and bacteria, for a cleaner, healthier sleep.

Sleep peacefully

Dormeo are certain you’ll love the Octaspring 8000 Mattress – so it comes with an extraordinary 20 Year Limited Warranty as standard!

Please note: the mattress cover includes a 1 Year Warranty.

8/10 people prefer the feel

Dormeo carried out independent tests and found that eight out of ten people prefer the feel of Octaspring® when compared with their own mattress. Why not discover the comfort of Octaspring® for yourself?


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